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Here are some recent articles and press our directors and associates have been involved in, please click on any to be taken to the full articles.

Discussion and evaluation in mental health is very important, we like to contribute to research projects and current topics, for all press enquiries please email


Psychological Impotence: Diagnosis, Causes and Treatments

sex therapist London

Sex after having babies with Kate Moyle

sex therapy london

Whats really going on in other womens sex lives

sex therapy london

How mental health issues are preventing couples from having sex

Sex therapist london

The psychology of orgasms and why faking it today could ruin it tomorrow

Sex Therapist London

Four ways to understand the sexual world around us and our children

Sex Therapist London

Mindful Sex, could it put an end to unhappiness in bed?

Sex Therapy

Modern Love is a Fashioned Romance...

Sex Therapist

Not Tonight Dear! Sex in Pregnancy and what to expect...

Sex Therapist

Our co-founder Kate Moyle discusses tech and sex

Sex Therapist

Our director Marianne Johnson discusses whether crying may improve your mood....

Psychotherapist London

There is a life beyond as our director Helen Mayor discusses...

Sex Therapy London

Ever wondered what Sex Therapy involves?

Therapy London

The media reports that couples are having much less sex than 30 years ago. Our director Kate Moyle asks why?...

Sex Therapy London

A healthy sex life is one of informed decisions, fun, pleasure and the consent of all those engaging in it....

Sex Therapy London

Kate Moyle discusses how technology can help our relationships...

Psychotherapy London

What happens if you engage realistically with death?...

Psychotherapy London

Everything you've ever wanted to know about sex therapists....

London Theraoy

Considering the Impact of Technology on Modern Relationships

Sex Therapy London

Improving couples sex lives one episode at a time

Sex Therapy London

#FeelBeautiful advice from an expert

Sex Therapy London

7 Expert Tips For Finding Out What Your Partner Likes In Bed, Because Sometimes The Direct Approach Doesn't Work

Vaginismus London

Vaginismus Awareness Article

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